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About us

More than 50 years of experience in crystal growth. 60% of the employees are physics majors. More than 100 Kinds Of Single Crystal Materials



We provide customized service, including size, polishing and coating request. Also offer samples if want to apply for.



Advanced equipment and unique production process results in excellent Quality



We provide several kinds of Crystal, Laser Glass, Crystal Furnace and other Optical Materials. Including laser crystal, Q-switch crystal, Nonlinear crystal, Scintillation,Crystal Substrates, Optical Crystals,etc.

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News & Application

News and applications about our products. Here you can learn the latest information about the industry trend.

Global Laser Marker Market Survey 2018

Aug 23,2018

Water molecules have strong absorption of lasers in the 1.3μm band, so the 1.3μm laser have a wide range of applications

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Ablative Skin Resurfacing Market –An Objective Assessment Of The Trajectory O...

Aug 23,2018

The skin tissue of the human body contains a lot of water, The skin has a very high light absorbance for a wavelength of

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Nd Yag Laser Can Be Used For Skin Treatment

Feb 08,2018

Nd yag laser for skin tightening can be used for skin treatment. Treatment time depends on the form, size and location o

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