TeO2 Acousto Optical Crystals

TeO2 Acousto Optical Crystals

Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2, Paratellurite)is an excellent acousto-optic crystal material, it is widely applied in the production of Acousto-optic modulator (AOM), Acousto-optical deflector(AOD), Laser Q-switches, RF spectrum analyzers in laser technology science and optoelectronic technology, because of its high figure of merit ,which depended on high elastic coefficient and high refractive index.

Product Details

TeO2 key features

1.High figure of merit(M2=793 ×10-18S3/g)

2.High refractive index (2.2-2.4)

3.High optical activity (20-500deg./mm )

TeO2 application

TeO2 声光调制器.


           Acousto-optic modulator  

TeO2 声光偏转器


           Acousto-optic deflector

TeO2 声光可调谐滤波器


         Acousto-optic tunable filter


Laser Q-switches


RF spectrum analyzer

TeO2 crystal using

Acousto-optic modulator (AOM) is applied in production of  Q switching in solid-state laser, cavity dumping of solid-state laser, pulse picker ,laser printer and other devices. Acousto-optic deflector(AOD) is applied im production of scanner,laser tweezer,RGB systems for laser projectors, laser scanning microscopy and profilometry. Acousto-optic filter(AOTF)  is applied in production of Rapid-scan Spectrometer, Multispectral Imaging, Fiber Optic Communication,  Spectropolarimeter and fluorescence spectrometer.

TeO2 crystal growth(raw materials)

Low bulk absorption

High Purity raw materials >99.999%

Low bulk absorption

Advanced raw material pre-sintering process

Advanced raw material pre-sintering process

No poly-crystalline defects

TeO2 crystal growth(equipments)




① Full automatic controlled crystal growth furnace High yield

② Advanced CZ Method Crystalline Process Stable quality control

③ Systematic batch packing classification

TeO2 Manufacture process(polishing)


High level dust-free clean room 

(1000) grade)


2-sides polishing equipments





Advance CMP process, Ra<0 .4nm          

Surface quality: >10/5           

Flatness: >λ/8

TeO2 Service

TeO2 deliverry

Delivery in 3~4weeks

TeO2 Samples

3 Free samples can be provided

TeO2 excjange

Free ex change goods or sales return for once 

TeO2 polished

Provides re-polished and coating services(Coating damage only)

Note:Postage paid by the buyer

TeO2 about us


Metalaser has engaged in crystal industry over 20 years which is one section    of Shanghai Daheng Optics and Fine Mechanics Co., Ltd held by SIOM. 


TeO2 Team

More than 60% of our employees are physics or material scientists from NIALT and SIOM.

Alibaba Transaction History:


We have set up a mall on the Alibaba, and there are many transaction record from all over the world.               

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